It's time to schedule your flu vaccination clinic for the 2016-2017 school year!

At Health Heroes, our primary objective is to provide flu vaccines to ALL consented school children regardless of their health insurance coverage. Flu vaccines are provided at with no out-of-pocket expense to students, parents, schools or local/state government.


School-located Vaccination Clinics are provided with no out-of-pocket expense to schools

Large numbers of children, single location

Familiar, trusted and friendly place

Schools can accommodate mass vaccination programs effectively and efficiently

Ready access to parents for consent to vaccinate

Children don’t need to leave school and parents don’t need to leave work

HIPPA compliant-we never sell your information to 3rd party organizations

Students with private insurance or Medicaid will be provided the vaccine with no out of pocket expenses or deductibles. Student participation is voluntary. Qualifying uninsured students can be given the vaccine with no out-of-pocket expense. IIV-4 injections will be provided.

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