If my child does not have insurance can they still receive the flu vaccine?

- Yes, we will immunize while we have inventory of the vaccine for the underinsured or non insured students.

How do I register my child for the FluMist clinic?

- Students will be provided with a parental consent form. Print, fill out and return the form to your school. No child will be immunized without a completed form on file.

Will I receive documentation of what vaccine my child receives?

- Each child will receive a form with the vaccine given and the date of administration.

Who is in charge and running the school clinic?

- Every school clinic will have a Health Hero registered nurse on site at all times.

As a parent, do I need to be at school when my child receives the vaccine?

- No, only parental consent forms need to be turned in.

What if my child refuses to be immunized?

- No student will be restrained in order to give the vaccine.

Does my child really need the flu vaccine?

- The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDEC) recommends a yearly flu (influenza) vaccine for all children. The 2013-2014 flu vaccine offers protection from seasonal flu and H1N1 flu (swine flu).

Isn't there a chance my child can get the flu from this vaccine?

- No. The vaccine cannot give you the flu. It is well tolerated and the most commonly reported side effects are mild and include runny nose and nasal congestion.

Why do we bill insurance for our services?

- We are not a government funded program, therefore, we rely on insurance reimbursement in order to sustain our business model. Vaccines are administered to ALL consented children regardless of the child’s medical insurance coverage. Since we bill private insurance carriers and Medicaid directly ourselves, our business model allows us to absorb the cost of administration of vaccines to any and all uninsured children.

Why allow a private, for-profit company to administer flu vaccines in our school?

- Tragically, many school-age children are not vaccinated annually against influenza due to insurance barriers and/or the cost to parents for taking time off from work for physician office visits. Although we are a for-profit company, our business model enables us to offer and administer flu vaccinations to ALL consented children in a safe, convenient environment. Other school-based clinic programs piloted by not-for-profit public health organizations have been far less successful - or non-sustainable - due to resource constraints.

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